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I wondered through several advisory indications and concluded that the most important element for a good job is the synergy that arises from mutual admiration and research on the brand, event or artist. With EMR I have always been sure of total motivation to work on each project, and this has always left me sure of a great execution. I am very grateful for the dedication of everyone in the company!
Kim Jackson (The FAT Group) - Kim Jackson (The FAT Group) on December 12, 2019
Organization and responsibility, always meeting deadlines and goals, are two outstanding characteristics of E-Music Relations. In addition to our events being aired in different media, we are also surprised by the paradigm break with electronic events highlighted in large portals, such as Terra for example. Exceptional EMR!
Vitor Takashi (Mov.E) - Vitor Takashi (Mov.E) on November 11, 2019
Undoubtedly EMR helped me a lot in this new phase of my career. It made the transition process quick and assertive. Rapidinho was already in all the media and everyone knew who was Pirate Snake. Thank you very much E-Music Relations!
Raul Mendes (Pirate Snake) - Raul Mendes (Pirate Snake) on August 03, 2019
I always looked for a press office that understood the language of electronic music and managed to have this sensitivity to transmit things as they are. Thank you very much for everything EMR.
Lucas Batista (EVVO) - Lucas Batista (EVVO) February 20, 2020
What makes me most happy and brings confidence is the commitment to the work that E-Music Relations has! Always very professional and attentive to everything they do! The delivery of their work has always been impeccable! Long live EMR, FX Talents partners!
Carol Félix (FX Talents) - Carol Félix (FX Talents) on March 30, 2019
We have been working with EMR since August 2019, but our relationship has been going on since the founding of Laroc Club, Victor and Rodolfo have always been present and have always followed our evolution. I believe that what makes our work more and more natural is their involvement with electronic music, which means that we always have a good exchange of ideas, making the results come spontaneously!
Fauze Abdouch (Laroc Club / Ame Club) - Fauze Abdouch (Laroc Club / Ame Club) January 10, 2020